Treva Graves, M.A. Speaker - Corporate Trainer - Executive Coach


Treva Graves is a certified communication and image coach with over 23 years of professional experience. She offers comprehensive business communication services for developing presentation skills, professional etiquette, image, foreign accent reduction, speech and voice improvement, executive coaching and customer service training. Treva is a certified leadership facilitator and collaborative partner with Precision Leadership Group in which she and her team provide leadership development, facilitation and executive coaching for companies large and small. Treva has expertise in creating the “total image” for her clients both personally and professionally. She recently became a life coach with a certification in "happiness" and helps clients discover their true purpose to live happy, passionate lives doing what they love.


1601 East 69th Street, Suite 103
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57108
United States


  • image coaching
  • business etiquette coaching
  • executive coaching
  • voice training
  • customer service training
  • communication skills coaching
  • happiness life coaching
  • keynote speaker
  • workshop leader
  • author
  • Happiness Coach


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