Spiritual-Life Coach/Master Kay


I am a very Spiritual Person with over 36 years of Training in this Area...Including Meditation-Oriental Arts-Anxiety Management-Chi Kung-Acupressure-Healing-I am also a Reiki Master & Light Worker-and have many Spiritual Gifts to help others...The main thing is I believe I was Born to Help Shine the Light on Other Souls! I offer Life Coaching with a Difference I blend it with the Spiritual things that Humans need but have no time to do anymore! as Life is so Fast it sometimes leaves No Time to Work on Oneself! / I Specialise in working with a Client in the Areas of Creating Inner Calm-Self Love-Forgiveness both for Oneself & Others...Moving on Living in the Moment of Now! Creating & Fulfilling Ones Goals...Mindfullness-and also Re-Programing the Negative Thoughts that Enter the Mind! One of my Gifts is I can Change the Angle of how a Person see things...They do all the Work I just Awaken Them to the Power Within that they always had...I offer Coaching by Skype-Email-or if you Live in Bristol by Meeting in Person...


Bristol, England
United Kingdom


  • Master Coach
  • Happiness Coach
  • Purpose Coach
  • Goal Coach


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