Sparkles Summers, Certified Master Coach


"Forward Pressed" is about Personal Growth. It's about you taking a life journey with an assessment of yourself and removing obstacles to obtaining your true self and push thru those things that tried to weight you down or block your destination. There will be times you must get out of your way, trust your instincts and know God got you. Any detours in life, do not negate your required action as you keep moving to being your Best You! Journey with us in obtaining your best life ever. The primary goal is for each of us to help one another. First, we all must heal ourselves, accept ourselves, take responsibility for our choices, failures, mistakes and commit to making positive changes. We will be providing you with the tools to help become self-sufficient with your self-care. Take Back Your Power and Experience the Greatness Within You! Driven By Design ______________________________________ Self-help Books (a four book series) on Transforming your life by healing, will be out for the New Year. This book series by Forward Pressed includes: Was Not Going to Tell, But I Must (Delivered from the Secrets) - Book 1 Recipes for Transformation - Book 2 The Purpose Journey - Book 3 and 4 (coming shortly after the release of the first two books)


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  • Master Coach
  • Happiness Coach
  • Purpose Coach
  • Goal Coach
  • Laughter Facilitator
  • Relationship Facilitator


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