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I offer guidance from my homemade intuitive oracle which utilizes the Akashic Records (Book of Life) to connect you to your most authentic & powerful self & I combine this with ​Meridian Bio-Energy Healing, Meditation & Self Awareness Exercises. I also teach life skills such as cooking. As a Trained Energy Practitioner & Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive - I Help You Clear Your Mind & Body. I will Explore the Mysteries of healing with you : meditations, exercises, life skill enhancement & refreshing Meridian Bio-Energy Healing Treatments. These tools will assist you in balancing your mind, body & spirit so you can better heal yourself & identify the things that are holding you back. We can then use Meridian Healing & Meditation to release, phobias, negative emotions & limiting beliefs. Try one of the techniques I use right now buy following along with the video on my website. ​Meridian Bio-Energy Healing Is a Form of Guided Self Applied Tapping Acupressure. There are several modalities; "EFT, MTT, NPL, & TAT". These techniques utilize the natural energy lines of the body & the power of the mind, body & spirit. You do not need to believe in these methods in order to benefit. Theses techniques are great for: * dealing with physical pain * releasing negative emotions, * releasing test anxiety, * overcoming phobias, * calming anxiety, * releasing traumas, * correcting bad habits, * weight loss & cravings, ​*breathing *better sleep, relaxation & much, much more! EFT, MTT, NLP & TAT are four of the most powerful tools for self healing & growth. These methods are relaxing, self applied forms of acupressure that are unique in that they often work when all else fails.

Spiritual Readings Every Other Wed. On FB Live


2500 great northern Ave.
(Visit by Apt. Only)
Missoula, Montana 59808
United States

United States , 406-646-6504, virtual meetings via video confrere or phone.


  • Spiritual Mentoring,
  • Life Skills, ​Meditation,
  • Meridian Bio-Energy Healing,
  • Oracle Akashic Readings
  • done with my homemade oracle cards
  • Shamanism


By appointment only

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