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If you are at professional crossroads, would like to change the career field, or are in the process of obtaining a degree, I will craft an individual coaching course and, together, we will figure out your next career step – after the necessary coaching discussions, career tests, and soul searching. You have been promoted recently and feel insecure? Have professional challenges and no one to tackle them with? Can’t fit in the team? Have a new manager and don’t know how to approach her? Feel trapped at your job and don’t have a way out? Something’s bothering you career wise, but you can’t define what it is? Not satisfied with your work – life balance? Want to climb the corporate ladder and need strategies and support? Feel bored at your job? If you recognize yourself in any of the above situations, we will do several coaching sessions and after the proper questions, discussions, and status quo challenges, will find the needed answers. I will also assist you with the preparation of: * Professional CV * Motivation/cover letters * LinkedIn profile creation * Job interviews


I am located in Sofia, Bulgaria and I am available to provide life purpose and career coaching services to the entire English speaking community.

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