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Zen cowgirl Megan Winkler, CNSF Fellow and Certified Happiness Life Coach is the author of Transmissions from Dating Land, Wake of Darkness, Revolution 2, and other titles. She has been featured locally and across the nation in publications including elephant journal, CultureMap, The Alternative Daily, Earth911, and the Neurosculpting® Institute. Fascinated by the brain and obsessed with asking for the why behind problems, Megan began studying directly with the founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute, Lisa Wimberger in 2013. She found that remnants of her former struggle with depression were still rooted deeply in her mind, but through Neurosculpting® meditations and brain training, she could move past those old stories. She completed her Tier 1 certification in 2014. To further her education, Megan decided to become a Certified Happiness Life Coach in 2016 and combines the two modalities to help people discover what truly makes them happy in life. Later in 2016, she completed her fellowship training with the Neurosculpting® Institute, where she also serves as the NSI Editorial Coordinator and the Youth Program Co-Developer. She lives in North Texas with her partner Mike, daughter Emma, and a revolving cast of roommates and houseguests. You can find Megan at and find out more about the Neurosculpting® Institute at Coaching Sessions with Megan Megan's sessions are safe, fun, and educational. Get ready to learn about yourself and your neurobiology, enjoy some laughs, and get the support you need to make profound changes in your life. Megan works with a limited number of private clients at a time to ensure that each receive the attention they need and deserve. Her coaching sessions involve diving deep into the self to truly understand the stories we tell ourselves and identify the blocks in our lives. If you're ready for transformation, then you're ready for her sessions.

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Denton, Texas
United States


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