Kenosis Wellness


Kenosis means “self-emptying love,” and Kenosis Wellness is all about cultivating “servant leaders” by helping people live their life purpose while cultivating personal resilience. Stephanie Brail, Certified Life Coach Stephanie is a Certified Life Breakthrough Coach with additional certifications and training in coaching, life purpose coaching, yoga therapy, medical qigong, and other holistic health practices. She has a lifetime Coachville school membership and has studied yoga with many well-known traditional/secular yoga teachers, as well as with Yahweh Yoga, a Christian yoga school. Qigong training includes Long White Cloud Qigong, Zen Wellness, and Wisdom Healing QIgong.


Austin, Texas
United States


  • Life Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Life Purpose Coaching
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Medical Qigong
  • Goal Coach
  • Laughter Facilitator

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