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I Am a Creative Entrepreneur ​ All that I’ve learned through life experience; academically, metaphysically, and professionally looks somewhat different. Yet, when you connect the dots; the message and vision are united - love for self to become the best version of me, and love for others, to help them do the same. I AM a teacher, published author, coach, mentor, artist, and inspirational speaker. My work guides others to step into their power, be their best, and find true success. MY VISION is to help others raise their perception of self love so that they excel on their life journey, with more ease and flow. When we know who we are and honour our gifts and talents, we work from a place of passion and love for Self and others. We step into our personal power and become the best versions of ourselves. We feel positive and happier with who and where we are, and that is SUCCESS. When I write, speak, teach and coach, my purpose is to inspire and encourage others to use the experiences and lessons they have been given to grow and expand to become their best self. My business, is to help other THRIVE.


99 Roseview Avenue
Unit 1


  • Happiness Coach
  • Purpose Coach

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