Enlightened Relationships with Mardi Shakti


As society changes, so, too, do our needs. Relationships make the world go round... and in the past, were mostly useful for survival of the species. But in modern times, many relationships find themselves unstable, short-lived, full of drama, or dissatisfying; and this is because they're "unconscious", and based on a fantasy. Unconscious relationships have no shared direction, values, or reality, and all fights are based on how the other is not fulfilling the role of the fantasy. If you're ready to see - and be seen - in relationship, and learn the tools to create the enlightened, soul-mate relationship that YOU want, come find me! "Get used to Loving people the way they want to be Loved." ~ Natalie Rivera


MELBOURNE, Victoria 3000

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  • Tailor-Made Services for your Illumination
  • Relationship Facilitator



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