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Whether you are working toward goals in your career, your relationships, or your personal or spiritual growth, a spiritual coach will help you learn how to bring a higher level of alignment and balance to your life, connect to the clarity of what is needed to lead more productively into success, while experiencing deeper levels of connection and meaning in your life.

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Ottawa/Gatineau Area, Canada
Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching and Counselling.
Minnesota, United States
Jessica (Little Wise Wolf) is a natural intuitive and empath that specializes in shaman philosophy. She'll help you reconnect with Spirit, nature and the fire within and provide techniques for a more present method of living and enjoying life.
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Certified life coach, Estra Roell, offers Law of Attraction and Life Purpose Coaching to help you live your authentic life of joy, fulfillment and purpose. She also provides rapid belief change to support your goals through the PSYCH-K method.
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