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Invite a Laughter Facilitator to YOUR organization, or request to have laughter sessions integrated with your personal coaching sessions!

What is a Laughter Session? Laughter sessions challenge you to laugh, intentionally, for 30 minutes. Facilitators lead a group through exercises that bring out a child-like playfulness while breathing, clapping, moving, and, of course, laughing. The structured laughter quickly leads to genuine, and often contagious, laughter. The laughter sessions begin with a brief discussion about the psychology of happiness and the benefits of laughter, followed by breathing exercises, laughter games, and relaxation techniques. Participants leave feeling energized!

Benefits of Laughter: Laughter has many psychological, emotional, and physical healing benefits, including: lowering blood pressure, releasing stress, boosting the immune system, toning core muscles, natural pain killer, stimulates creativity, productivity, and motivation, exercising your heart and lungs, and elevating mood, dissolves distressing emotions such as anxiousness, anger, or sadness.

Clinical research has also proven that laughter lowers the level of stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol, etc) in the blood. This causes a reduction in the feelings of stress. The yogic breathing portion of laughter sessions has additional stress-busting benefits. It is a gentle aerobic exercise that oxygenates the body and blood, which leads to participants feeling energized. Theses are just some of the many benefits of laughter and yogic breathing.

Jason von Brevern

in Certified Laughter Facilitator

16 South Road
Elgin, Scotland IV36 3XW
United Kingdom

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Sparkles Summers, Certified Master Coach

in Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Laughter Facilitator, Certified Happiness Life Coach, Certified Goal Success Coach

Our mission: To offer you practical steps to raise your awareness so that you will be open to exciting new possibilities for your life!

4320 Deerwood Lake Parkway Suite 101-142
Jacksonville, Florida 32216-3327
United States

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(904) 438-2838
Fax: (904) 306-7837

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Kenosis Wellness

in Spiritual Coach, Health Coach, General Life Coach, Certified Laughter Facilitator, Certified Goal Success Coach

Kenosis means “self-emptying love,” and Kenosis Wellness is all about cultivating “servant leaders” by helping people live their life purpose while cultivating personal resilience.

Austin, Texas
United States

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Little Beach Spa

in Certified Laughter Facilitator

Little Beach Spa offers relaxation on an island paradise!

Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931
United States

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Motivation 4 All Life Coaching

in General Life Coach, Certified Laughter Facilitator

Coaching offered for: Life coaching, Laughter coaching, Couples coaching, Youth coaching, Career coaching

Westdene Medical Centre. 23a Thornton Avenue

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Wind Refuge Healing

in Spiritual Coach, General Life Coach, Certified Laughter Facilitator

Ke Pu'uhonua Makani A Ola Pono A safe haven where mind, body and spirit can rest, heal, and find peace.

1616 E. 19th St
Suite 7
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
United States

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