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Nicole has over twenty years of experience in Human Resources, recruiting, employee development, management, and training. She is a successful entrepreneur with two thriving businesses. Nicole is a Certified Master Life Coach, Life Purpose, Happiness, and Goal Setting Coach through the Transformation Academy and a Certified Master NLP Practitioner through the Scottish Center for NLP. Nicole is currently studying in depth Life & Career Coaching with the World Coaching Institute and plans to become ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified upon completion. As a coach Nicole enjoys helping people who are taking positive action in their lives to successfully live out their goals. Having worked in HR for several years she saw that many people were stuck and blindly moving forward. These folks would come to her for advice, or just to have her serve as a confidant facilitating their thought process. Through this, she realized her true calling was to help them find theirs, by helping others realize their goals and enjoy their lives. Nicole’s expertise is in career and business coaching. She also offers Life Coaching, Happiness Coaching, Goal Setting/Success Coaching and Life Purpose Coaching.


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