ALG Suyash


Suyash Saurabh Singh or Awesome Life Geek is a person obsessed with creating and living an awesome life. Certified as a professional Life Coach from Strategic Life Coaching Academy, Scotland, he holds advanced specialization in the field of Life Purpose & Happiness as certified by Transformation Inc., USA. He is on the mission of eradicating emptiness from the lives of as many teenagers as he can in his lifetime by helping them to let go of limiting belief system so that they can form truth-based empowering beliefs & make them realize that they hold the complete responsibility of each & every aspect of their life. He is a student of Computer Science Engineering, who is also skilled in Social Media Branding & Business Analytics. He mixes his passion for life coaching with the acquired skills of Technology, Business & Advanced Life Coaching to reflect upon his greatest life’s vision.



  • Happiness Coach
  • Purpose Coach

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